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Divorce Affair

How to make your relationship work


Having a supportive spouse who you know has your back is one of the nicest aspects of being in a healthy relationship. In a healthy relationship, you and your partner will support each other and treat each other as equals, whether it's standing up for you when someone says something hurtful about you or always being the rock you can count on. Your companion will not use strategies to manipulate, control, or humiliate you. They will be protective of you, but not excessively so. They will encourage you to spend time with friends and family, work toward own objectives, and live a life separate from your partnership. Supportive partners will always want the best for you, and they will go out of their way to make that happen.


This is a significant issue. Mutual and unrestrained trust between partners is required in all healthy partnerships. Regardless of what either partner has gone through in the past, such as a cheating ex or a parent's divorce, your partner will trust you entirely in a healthy relationship. DO keep in mind that building trust in a relationship takes time (it seldom happens overnight!) and that when your spouse fully trusts you with their feelings, you should respect them and not betray their trust. It's not right to cheat on someone or do things to make them envious. On the other hand, you should not be with your partner if you do not trust them.


We all have our own personal boundaries in terms of what makes us feel good, secure, and safe. You should feel 100 percent comfortable communicating such limits in a healthy relationship and trust that they will be respected (and vice versa for your partner). If you only want to hang out three times a week, that's fine; if you want to wait before getting intimate, that's fine, too. In any relationship, you shouldn't be afraid to set personal boundaries. It's also important to reevaluate your relationship if you feel that your spouse or friend is using limits to control you, such as instructing you not to hang out with friends or requiring you to share passwords.


You've almost certainly heard the phrase "communication is crucial." One of the most critical parts of having a healthy relationship is good communication. It's crucial to be able to communicate about what you both want when you're starting a new relationship. Being on the same page as your partner goes a long way, and it's just as vital to open up to your partner about what's hurting you, compromise over arguments, and appreciate one other. While communication is essential, you should both be comfortable with the frequency with which you communicate with one another. If your spouse expects you to respond immediately and text them all day, and you don't want to, it isn't good.

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