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5 Reasons Why Dating at Workplace Is Objected.

There is always that person who always falls for another at their workplace. For some it might be out of love, and for others it might be how beautiful or handsome they are. There is always a negative impact in doing this with your workmate and today in this article we are going to discuss reasons why you shouldn't try this as follows:

1. Confusion.

When you start dating with your workmate, it will make you deliver low-quality output to the instruction that has hired you. Each time you hear him or her talk or even pass by your side, they attract your attention, hence making you to be confused. You always get involved in any conversation he or she gets involved in, even if it doesn't concern you.

2. Conflict.

Dating your colleague at work might create some conflict at your workplace, for instance if you see one of your partner having time with them. This might destroy all the good connection and understanding that was between you.

3. Lose your work.

If your boss or leader finds out that you are dating, you two might get fired. This is because when you date, it means that you won't do your work well and no one in charge won't ever risk allowing this at work place.

4. Marriage.

Dating at your workplace might make your marriage to break up, especially when your partner knows about it. That is why most companies hires people who are married to eradicate this vice of cheating on their families.

5. Working rules.

Most companies and hiring agencies, have their own rules and the main one is the one prohibiting anyone to get involved in affection when at work place. Breaking this rule, might affect you in your future when searching looking for another job in the future.

Is dating your workmate legal?

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