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When Should One Really Move Out of His Parents House?

At some point in our lives we have to move out of our parents house and go out there and make our own family and our own living.

One can move out when he's:

1.Financially stable, one should be able to stand for himself financially by getting a job to make money to meet his daily needs without dependace from his/her parents.

2. At the Right age,I know for a fact that parents don't like seeing a 25 year old man lying on the couch all day without doing nothing , one needs to go out there and hustle like the rest of the youths.

3. Able to solve your own problems, one may end up making bad decisions and need to come up with solutions of their problems without help of your parents.

4.aware of his sorroundings, one needs to travel and visit different places frequently to know their environment, hence able to survive in any area placed maybe according to their job or anything another alse.

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