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Everyone Warned Me Against Marrying a Disable Man and I Ignored, A Lady Narrates

A woman by the name Maria has narrated a painful story of her life. She says that many people warned her not to marry Alfred who s disabled but she did not listen to them.

She went on marrying him dispite his disability. Alfred is a man who was just born normal like any other person. When he reached at the age of 13 years, he touched on something that paralyzed his entire body.

He was rashed to hospital but doctors did not manage to treat him. They even send him to visit a witchdoctor after concluding that the disease he was suffering from was not a medical disease but a disease inflicted on him by witchcraft.

Alfred's parents were poor and did not have money to take him to a better hospital. So they did everything possible including visiting witchdoctors so that their son would get healed.

Nothing positive came from all that efforts and Afred was forced to remain disabled for the rest of his life.

Marrying was a big issue to him as many women rejected his request. Maria was the only woman who finally accepted him despite his disability.

Fred legs are weak and crippled, he canot move or stand up. He only moves using his back.

The family is going through difficulties as Alfred can not go to work, he only stays at home waiting for his wife Maria to go and dig for people so that they can eat.

Maria has remained to be the sole provider of the family since his husband cannot do anything.

Alfred remains at home to take care of the children and ensure that they go to school. He cooks for them and washes them despite his disability.

Maria says that she love his husband and nothing can separate them. She says it is God who made her marry Alfred since she had refused many other normal men who came to seek for her hand in marriage.

She narrates how neighbours and family members always lough at her mocking her about her marriage.

She says they remind her how they used to warn her against marrying a disable man but she did not listen to them.

Maria says she ignores them and focus on her life without regretting anything. She says they even ask her how they manage to make love with a lame man.

Maria says they love each other and even they make love just like any other people and they have children.

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