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Husband and wife relationship

Jimal RohoSafi Spends Night Alone As Amber Clubs All Night While Amira Is Spotted In Tanzania

How dramatic can a life of a man with two wives get? Dramatic enough that the two wives get to the extent of confronting each other late at night while the husband flees?

Jimal Rohosafi was Amira's and Amber Ray's husband. However, things turned chaotic after the public confrontation that got Amira fleeing out of the country and Jimal staying out of social media for a while. But later Amber and Jimal were spotted in some hotel in Mombasa.

Well, we ain't sure of what transpired after but both of Jimal's wives have been advocating and preaching to how they are single and not in any relationship. It must be devastating to Jimal, from having two ladies to losing both of them.

Jim was spotted reading the holy book, Quran last night while all alone, while Amber Ray was parting all night with her friends as the goat wife Amira was spotted in Arusha Tanzania.

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