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First date ideas that will leave her impressed

Are you planning to take your crush out for a date it is important to note that the first impression really matters. Let's look at ideas to plan your date;

1 go for coffee or drinks.

going out for a coffee date is one of the great options for a first date because it is very casual. If you feel uncomfortable you can easily walk out and not forgetting it's very cheap if you don't want to spend too much money if you are not sure if they are the one.

2 meeting lunch or brunch

late breakfast or lunch is also a great idea for a first date if you don't want to spend too much money organising a fancy dinner. Going out early in the day will also look good to you because you will not give her the impression that you want to spend with her.

3 going for an outdoor date.

date outside hiking or camping is a great option for people who like activities. You can also make a date by going to the park can be really fun and a great option.

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