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The Only Time A Kukuyu Man Would Be Buried Upside Down

Though they never talk aloud,the parents of the groom are keenly following the nuptials, what linger in their mind is When the first grandchild pop and whether it's a boy.

In traditional Africa, the boy child was prepared to become a man, with his duties clearly spelt out as , taking care of manly crops, herding , the art of war among others.vast doses of sex education and learning the secrets and histories of the tribe was also done. When the community was content that the boys child,they were required to build a hut Know as the simba, positioned in a place where he would sneak into the young warrior’s hut with ease. 

Nothing annoyed Africans more than a man who refuses to marry or get children. Even though,there are bachelors who, age into grown men, cooking for themselves and performed duties considered not fit for a man. They are treated unfit to sit with or speak before elders. They walk around the village with lot of shame being ridiculed by children and women and shunned by peers.

When this men die, the clan had no respect for them,they dispose their remains in a ride way with a set of embarrassing rituals to warn young men not to dare follow that path.Among the Gikuyu, 'the mumwo ni iri' which means the men who have not left any child behind suffered the indignity of having ash inserted in their back upon death by age mates before being buried indecently facing upside down.  

Kiarie wa Rugami, chairman of 'Kiama Kia Ma' says that the men were perceived as worthless people, because they were eating and drinking without procreating and the subsequent waste came through their back. The opening had to be closed with ash to demonstrate that they were valueless and forgotten like ash. The ash used was not sourced from the kitchen, but made outdoors using wood from worthless trees.

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