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7 Mistakes Men Should Avoid When Getting Married

Getting the right partner to marry is not a walk in the park. Most men rush in decision making when it comes to choosing the right woman for their lives; hence most of them end up regretting forever. In this article, I will highlight mistakes that men should avoid when getting Married.

1). Marrying a Lady with no professional or business skills.

This mistake is very fatal, that's why it tops the list. Just as no lady wants to marry a guy who has no skill and is jobless, that's how men should avoid marrying a lady who does nothing, has no professional or business skill, is not into any trade and is not schooling. I wonder what such a lady would be coming to do in the marriage. Yes, a man is the breadwinner of the family but as he goes out to win the bread, the woman should also go out to do something that will bring more resources at home.

2). Marrying a cheap girl.

If you marry a run girl you met at a club or a girl you entice with money, then you are in for it. Who told you that the leopard changes skin? When she doesn't get what she expects, she would bleep other buoyant men for money. Remember the proverb, "He who brings an ant ridden woods into his house, should not complain when lizard pay him to visit"

3). Marrying a superficial material girl who does nothing.

She uses a costly phone, wears designer clothes, wears expensive Colombian hair, always carries an iPad, drinks expensive alcohol, but her family lives in a mud house! My brother ran away, have you ever reasoned how she acquired all these? Why does she live a luxurious life yet her family lives in abject poverty?

4). Marrying a Known Cheat.

If you date a girl and she cheats on you of which you are aware of and you go ahead to marry her, hoping that she will change! My dear brother, you will be disappointed! A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.

5). Marrying A Nymph Who Cannot Hold Herself While You Are Away.

Marrying a beautiful girl who lacks self-control is the most dangerous decision you can ever make! It's like planting a mango tree near a road. Anyone hungry can pick and chew the mangoes. If you try this, someone could be chewing your wife while you are away at that business conference.

6). Marrying a girl instead of a mature woman

Some females are just childish. A lady who sulks for days whenever both of you have a minor argument is not mature emotionally. A real woman should be able to express her feelings whenever it is necessary to do so. A mature woman should be understanding and responsible. Marry a mature woman and you will enjoy life.

7). Marrying a 'spend it all lady'

A lady who cannot help her man to save and plan is not worth it. She will eat your future up in the long run and in no time too. A woman with brains will encourage you to save money and encourage you to invest your money in various ways for the sake of a bright future.

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God bless you.

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