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Husband and wife relationship

"My Husband Forced Himself On Me," Lady Opens up About Her Painful Incident

Relationship and marriages are sweet when you find a perfect match who understand and adores you every day. Sometimes we fall in love with the wrong people without knowing hence making our lives miserable.

A woman has narrated how her husband defile her on her wedding night and she was receiving her monthly period. She explained that she wasn't ready to do it but he didn't listen.

This leaves her with injuries in her pot of soup and arms

"Nilikuwa kwenye hedhi na sikuwa tayari kufanya mapenzi usiku huo," anasema. "Mume wangu alidhani nilikuwa nikikwepa kushiriki mapenzi naye. Alinipiga, akanifunga pingu, akaziba mdomo wangu na kunibaka."( I was receiving my monthly period and wasn't ready to do the act that night, My husband thought I was lying and denying him conjugal right. He beats me, tied me with cuff, close my mouth and rape me)

This is very bad, even if he is the husband, he could have understand her wife. Anyway peoples are different and act differently.

Please share with me your thoughts and also follow for more. Meanwhile stay safe.

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