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A Man Cancels Wedding To His Wife To Be After Finding Out About What She Does

Distance relationship some times have it's own challenges. You may end up marrying totally different person from the person you though you knew very well.

A Nigerian man who identified himself as Olukoye, narrated through his tweeter account about his friend who was about to make the mistake of his life.

Olukoye said that a friend of his who lived in UK was about to marry a wrong lady from his home town.

According to his friend the lady was 'God fearing'. Their marriage preparation was at the peak.

Olukoye's friend wanted him to meet his wife before the actual day schedule for the wedding. So he sent him her phone number so that they could agree on where the would meet.

Olukoye said that he was surprised to find out that he had the girls number. To make the matter worse is that the lady was not God fearing as his friend claimed.

He said that she used to post her bad videos in club in her status, which he always saw.

To save his friend from making life time mistake, Olukoye sent him the girls videos so that he could see that the girl is not who he thought she was.

Olukoye said that his friend cancelled the wedding immediately, after watching the videos and thanked him for saving him from regrets in future.

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