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Love Does Not Come from Far but from the Ones Close to You


This is a very hard question to reason with since it leads you into a dilemma of whether it's a YES/NO answer. Let's try and reason with it and see if we can find a positive answer. 

Age is a number that gives a difference between a young person and a fully grown man or in short is maturity(this doesn't refer to the physical growth of a person). One can be huge or even taller than how most people aren't but it doesn't mean that his/her level of maturity is above average. You can't tell the level of maturity in someone by physically looking at him/her until you get that chance to seat and reason the same at the same table then that's when you will realize.

Love is a desirable feeling that we humans wish to be part of, so we would do anything just to be part of that world, not through force but impressions. Everybody has that mutual idea of a "happily ever after" life, a life of a perfect family and a stress-free future, to mean you need that special someone u need to share your adult future with.

Love doesn't let you choose who to love or hate because in most cases the one you mostly don't pay attention to, turns out to love you most, what do I mean? you might be chasing the wrong girls/boys only to end up heartbroken and hurting the ones close to you. Them that truly love don't come from afar, that best friend you have could be your true love for he/she knows u well even the ones you dislike.

Age doesn't matter when it comes to love provided you are an adult and the decision you make won't affect your ways of living then please follow your heart but this doesn't mean the age difference should be that shocking to an instance your dating a man or woman that is twice your age.

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