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Divorce Affair

Nigerian Doctor Throws A Party As She Celebrates Her Divorce In Style

Cases of Gender based violence is not only rampant in Kenya but also the entire world. Many people have lost their lives as result of disagreement between couples. Instead of seeking advice either from friends or families, one decides to commit murder. Too bad indeed. Life is more precious and we should always value it.

A Nigerian lady who is a doctor by profession and goes by the name Ikea Bello has decided to organize for a divorce party. It is alleged that the two started to disagree five years after their marriage. They have tried to resolve there issues but it seems the marriage didn't work and the two decided stay away from each other completely.

According to me, I think the lady has done the right thing. Even the former prime Raila Amollo Odinga said that Incase the relationship is not working it's better to walk away rather than killing one another.

Below are the pictures of the controversial party.

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