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Does age matter in a relationship ?

Many people have been asking whether the age matters when people are in a relationship. Therefore in this article we are going to discuss this issue of age. As we have seen in many marriages there are couples who consider age and other does not consider age.

First of all when we talk about a relationship is that do the two love each other , then if yes then matters of age comes in. If you love your partner you will not concerned about age. There are those who want their couples to be below their age, for example when a man marries he expects the lady to be even five years below his age. Therefore it depends how you love your partner.

There are those who would like to marry a woman or a man who is above there age. For example a lady would like to be married by a man who is older than her. At the same time there are men who wish to marry a woman who is above his age, this is because he has seen something good in the lady who is above him.

As we have seen is that what matters is love, once you love your partner you will not be concerned about his or her age .If you have interest go for that person don't say she or he is older or younger than me.

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