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Divorce Affair

'Ogopa Kanairo' New Tricks That Men Are Using To Cheat on Their Wives

Beware, New Tricks That Men Are Using. To Cheat on Their wives

Cheating among married couples has recently gone out of hand. Divorce cases have increased at a higher percentage, other couples have gone to an extent of killing one another due to infidelity issues. Recently a friend Narrated a story about how the husband lied to her before she came to now the truth.

One Saturday her Husband left the house in the morning saying that he had gone to meet the brother, he never called the whole day until at around 10 pm in the evening, later he came with brother in the house and the brother confirmed that they did not meet in the morning, they met in the evening at around 4 p.m.

The wife became suspicious, the following morning she found some text messages of a lady whom husband referred to as "swry" and she was asking him to meet her in a certain hotel. She confronted the hubby, her husband denied the whole story and said he didn't know the lady and they never met. She sent some money via Mpesa to get the name of the lady who was and saved the number in her phone. Next she dialed the number in her husband phone and ops he had changed the Number to "Gorilla" 

Days Passed and another shock dropped, Her Husband contact synchronized in her Phone, and pap! There was this Name sweet check the number it was not her number because the hubby had saved her the same way "sweet beb" She confronted the hubby again and gave a lame excuse that it was a mistake and that he is really sorry, claiming that he was thinking about the wife when he saved the number! That is why he got confused and saved the number as sweet beb.

The wife again did a fake transaction and to her shock it was the same lady he denied Knowing! When she confronted the hubby he rubbished the story saying that she is just a friend. After thorough investigation her wife came to realize that they had met and the husband has been sending the money to the lady, and to make the matter worse, he has sent money to her the following day he denied knowing her.

Again, he rubbished the story saying that the lady had borrowed the money because her child was sick and she would return back the money. Again she asked the hubby to cut communication with this lady and block her but he refused saying that he can't block her because she is an innocent friend!

What do you think about this story, is the man in Question cheating on her wife, what can you advise the wife to do?

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Ogopa Kanairo'


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