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Dating Romantic

Want to have a perfect romantic relationship? Set marriage dates in the course of dating.

Many at times young adults between the ages of 19 -30 years find themselves in dilemma on why, when and who they should be involved in marriage.Most suffer from stress disorders, emotional heartbreaks and some go to an extent of committing suicide.Others have experienced home based violences from their homes and thus choose not to be involved in such romantic reltionship.

Most people will therefore ask" Should i be really dating at this age or i will be wasting time?"

If you are in such a situation then worry no more.In this article we discuss on how to turn into a serious romantic relationship that will lead to a successful marriage.

Firstly one needs to know why you need a partner then select the partner before approaching him or her.Before doing that seek God's guidance on the same.It is also advisable to know the age gap, qualities and character traits of the partner you want.

After that seek what your heart yearns for then approach it.At this point you should have a clear motive and intention on the one you want.Speak out yourself normaly and express why you feel to be the chosen one.

Many relationships surpass this stage but ends thereafter mainly because the intentions were not clear, their agenda was hidden and thus the failure.

Persistence is a key in this stage since the partner you want can take time to accept your proposal and thus one needs to be persitent .

From here, if the proposal goes on well you enter a new phase known as dating.

According to research, many relationships fall out at this stage and we should thus be very careful about it.How do you go about it to avoid falling out?

One, have a serious view on marriage as the two of you meander in this stage.According to biblical romantic advisers, one's view on marriage determines their behaviour in a romantic relationship.One needs to change their attitude on marriages to keep track of the relationship therefore.

Secondly and the most important move, set marriage dates at the start of this stage. Why should you be setting the dates?

Well if the relationship is not for fun then it should lead to marriage which requires set dates so that both parties can deal with deadline challenges.With this dates in your relationship, as a man one knows what he needs to have done by then and the same to a woman as well.

After that have trust and faith in your partner and above all be loving .

Its never too late to start such a relationship and have a perfect marriage in future.

Remember that the greatest decision you will make in life is choosing one partner to live with the rest of your life so choose wisely.

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