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If Your Father Is Still Alive, Do Him These Things If You Don't Want To Regret

1. Make it a habit of calling him always. Most of the time parents get lonely after all the children have grown and are out there working. Always call them to know how they are and tell them how you yourself are. This makes them happy as they know you are always thinking of them.

2. Don't stay long before you visit him. No matter how far you live make plans of giving him a visit frequently. This should be done whether you are in good terms or have had some disagreement.

3. Give him enough time to be with you kids. Nothing makes a man happy than spending some quality time with his grandchildren. It makes him feel young again and happy. Bring you children to him as many times as possible. Let them be with him for a few days before taking them away.

4. Give him a break of looking after the family and take the responsibility. He has looked after you all those years and it is your turn to do so. Let him enjoy what he sow in you. Old age doesn't require a person to strain a lot and the only way you can help is by providing for the family.

5. Treat him exactly as you treat your mother. Most people think that mothers are more important than fathers but that isn't totally true. The father too is responsible for your upbringing and should be treated well too. Never discriminate him in anything whatsoever.

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