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8 Signs That You're Going To Break Up With Your Partner And What To Do

There are many reasons why many relationships don't work and some of the reasons are always seen even earlier before the breakup.

In this article, we are going to look at the common signs that you and your partner are likely going to breakup;

1. Incredibly tight together

During the initial stages of a relationship, the two partners are normally knit and close together but their is a kind of tightness that is overly ridiculous. When you are so close together to the extent of ignoring other important people and things. It almost feels like one is being controlled by the relationship. This is not a good sign. Sooner or later one of the partners will get tired of the relationship and will even decide to end it. There should be limits.

2. Jealousy

This is another sign that the relationship is not going far. Jealousy will bring conflicts in the relationship and only time will tell. Jealousy is a sign the partner doesn't trust you because he or she feels insecure.

3. Strained communication

Communication is the key to the success of any relationship. Even without being overly romantic, as long as there is communication in the relationship, the relationship can be sustained. When the communication is not good, the two of you are likely going to break up. A partner who communicates is better than a romantic partner who is poor in communication.

4. Lack of common future plans

Do you and your partner have common future plans? It is not enough to have plans, but are the plans common. Maybe your partner wants 4 children and you only want one kid. Can the two of you reach a point of agreement despite the divergent views. As long as there is not a common future plan, a break up is inevitable. It is important for you to discuss your future plans together and again if there is no future plan completely, that is a bad sign.

5. When your partner still talks about his or her ex

Is your partner constantly talking about his or her ex boyfriend or girlfriend. That is a clear sign that he or she has not moved on and it is easy for such a person to go back to his or her previous relationship with a simple word from his or her ex like 'I miss you'. Make sure your ex is free from his or her past relationship or else the relationship is headed nowhere.

6. No extra effort

Everyone in the relationship should play his or her part very well for the relationship to become successful. Incase of a conflict, all of you should make the effort of making things work. Incase you're the only one who seeks reconciliation, or you're always the one who asks for forgiveness, then the other partner is probably sleeping on his or her job and that is a clear sign of a relationship headed to a breakup.

7. Conflicts that remain unsolved

No relationship is perfect and there are moments of disagreements. How do you solve conflicts then as a couple? Do you take time to discuss your issues or you just don't talk about it and assume they don't exist. Unresolved conflicts maybe a source of a serious breakup in future. The more the number of unresolved conflicts in a relationship, the more likely you are going to breakup.

8. Affected intimacy

As a man and woman especially those that are married, you and your partner are not roommates. Roommates don't share intimacy but husband and wife do unless on medical grounds. It is important that you share intimacy so that your partner remains a beneficiary of the relationship. Anytime the sexual lifestyle is affected, the relationship is most likely not going to work.

Do you think there is still hope in the way we handle our relationships nowadays or do you think there is a problem?

What are your thoughts about the same. Which of the points do you strongly agree with? Share with us and also don't forget to like and also share this article. Thankyou for reading this article.

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