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How Rich Kids are Being Conned Using the Power of True Love

Indeed love is a beautiful thing, and no one hates to be loved, infact it is always a prayer of every one to get true love and also have couple goals. However there is a new trend in town, whereby some of the men , have decided to make love as a business idea.

Just a reminder, most of the youths of now days have a pressure to succeed, so there aren't ready to trust the process, hence they are mostly looking for shortcuts to become rich.So this is what happens, A boy who is handsome, looking good and humble, may decide to look for a rich girl from a rich family. .

After Identifying the girl, he fakes and appears to be a gentleman, so that to win the girl hearts. And as you know avery girl is usually affected with what they hear and how a man portrays himself. So after the girl has accepted her request, the man will start showing her love and taking care of her with an aim of winning the girls trust completely.

He will make sure that the girl has deeply fallen inlove with him, he may go to an extend of borrowing loans so that to empress the richgirl. After a period of like one month, when the girl has crazly and deeply fallen in love even introduced the boy to his parents, this is where the boy decides to play his con game and sets a trap.

In most of incidences, most boys usually use the following trick ; A boy may pretend to be having a very big problem and the only solution to that problem is a certain amount of money , its usually six figures amount, so the boy will start feeling depressed and distracted so that the rich girl can have mercy for him.

As usually most girls usually have mercy and they know howt to cool men, so the girl because she comes from a rich family , where money is not a problem.She may decide to help her boyfriend, because the boyfriend has proven to have true love and in love life you must support each other. So when the girl handsover the money to the boy , that is the endgame of that love , and thats how the boy dissappears completely leaving the richgirl alone .This trick has been happening for quite a while and most richgirls have been a victim to this.Please rich girls take care.

Content created and supplied by: Brianwanga269 (via Opera News )

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