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Gestures A Girl Makes When She's Interested

It's always a natural and nice thing for couples to share intimacy as well as satisfying each other. Of course we are all humans, have hormones which trigger emotions towards each other and it's hard to resist it. The only people who can resist emotional pressure are priests and nuns since the church doesn't allow them to do such things. A relationship stands strong if only the partners are willing to offer same energy in ensuring comfortability in dating. 

Ladies are quite shy when it comes to disclosing feelings. They find it hard to open up and therefore prefer to use romantic gestures. These signals are meant to tell her man that she's turned on. Some men tend to misunderstand the signs, something that makes the girl get tired and decide to walk out of the affair. 

This article will help you know the various things she does to signal that she's interested in having intimacy with you. 

1. Touch. 

She finds every reason to place her hands on you just to feel the physical contact. Whenever you seat on a coach, the girl just comes over voluntarily for a cuddle. It makes the two of you have a good connection and bond. During such moments, watch romantically movies, share sweet stories and massage her slowly. The cool atmosphere created brings comfort, relaxation as well as care. 

2. Requests for games. 

For the sake of happiness and cheerful moods your girlfriend will ask you to play some games. It could be pillow fights, FIFA or rolling on the carpets. Other times if it's about running after each other around the house, she pretends to be hurt. This is just a joking pretence so that you can say sorry, give a hug and whisper heart- cooling words. It sounds so cute when your babe apologizes, buys you chocolates and nice things just to cool you down. 

In addition to that, she looks upset when you want to leave, all she wants is to have you around. This girl enjoys your presence, so it's your turn to make the same romantic moves inorder to get intimate. Thus be the best man who is ready to fulfill her anytime she shows the above mentioned points. 

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