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10 Signs A Girl Loves You But Is Trying Not To Show It

Are you confused if a girl loves you or not maybe she does or scared of you finding out.

Usually when a girl likes you is scared of showing her feeling on the open.

She is shy afraid of getting rejected or undecided she is in love with you or confused.

If a girl likes you she will be waiting for you to make a move or start the conversation.

The following are signs she loves you but is trying not to show it :

1. She plays the eye contact game.

This is the most comment, if not the most obvious sign that someone is into you.

They say that eyes are the window to your soul.

She tent to look away when she catch you looking, she want to hind her feelings but she want to see your reaction so she keeps the eyes on you.

2. She gives you compliments even on simply things.

A girl who love you it will be hard for her to hold her feelings to you.

She will find ways to make you feel wanted.

3. You always catch her smiling at you.

Smiling is one gesture we gave even to the stranger.

Which is not the one am talking about. Am talking about the smile she gives up when you are in the middle of conversation.

She smiles looking at you, she secretly adores you and her eyes will never lie.

4. She cares for you.

She is worried when you tell her you are sick.

She is concerned about you when she calls or texts you when you are around the class or office about how you are doing.

5. She asks things about your life.

One way conversation will end up no interest.

When questions comes in the conversation is a clear sign of the person interest.

When a girl want to know about your life, she want to gauge of your personality which is a way of measuring your compactability.

6. She is following your conversation.

Engaging in the meaniful conversation is a sign she is ready to open up the door to another level of the relationship.

The more you talk about yourself she talks about herself also. She want to be a two way conversation.

The more she share in the conversation the more she want to keep your attention.

7. Your likes becomes her likes.

As soon she learns about your interest you may want to check if she becomes interested on them as well.

Whether is your favorite food, music, movie and place.

She is after the things you like because she loves the idea of you.

8. She wears what you prefer.

You might have mentions the celebrity you like between conversation so don't be surprise if she shows up in class or office wearing the same style with the celebrity you had talked about she wants to grab your attention.

9. Her friends know you.

You never be one of the topic your girl talk about with no reason.

Girls may talk about everything under the sun and guys there into is the main topic.

If you find her friends following you in the social media or views your daily list is a strong head that they are talking about you.

10. She enjoys late night talks with you.

After along day at school or work she text you or calls you because she enjoys spending time with you.

This way she can discuss everything with you and she wants her to be the last thing you have in mind before you sleep.

Content created and supplied by: Kisungu (via Opera News )


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