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Why You Should Not Date Someone Who Is Married

1.Just know that they will never leave their spouse for you.

No matter how he or she may convince you that they love you and they will be with you,they won't leave the person they are married to.A married person can't be yours.

2.Your life will cease moving forward.

It will be on hold because you are trying to make a situation that will never be a reality.

3.Your self-esteem will be lowered.

You will always have to hide because you will be trying to keep the relationship a secret.A good relationship is one which is open.You will even start losing and avoiding your friends for the fear of something fishy being noticed.

4.You will always feel lonely.

A married person will make their family and spouse a priority and you won't be given any needed attention hence feeling lonely.They will never spend their special time with you.Never accept to be a choice.

5.The relationship will be doomed from the start.

It will never end happily and it will hurt you badly.

6.They will also cheat on you.

If a married person has the audacity to cheat on their spouse for you,you will not be an exception,the chain continues.

7.They won't commit to a future with you.

Once married,they have already committed to a future.

8.It means he or she doesn't respect their spouses.

You won't be respected also.

9.You will feel guilty always.

This is because you just know the person is married yet you keep pushing with them.It will disturb your peace.You will not even have the guts to introduce him or her to the public.

10.The relationship can't last for long.

Stop wasting your time dating someone who belongs to someone else.

11.People will judge you.

Once people notice you are dating a married person,they will critisize you and will call you all names,a cheat,stealer etc.

12.Just know that you are at risk.

13.You will have a hard time trying to trust them.

It will affect your mental health.

14.He or she is just using you.

Maybe for s.satisfaction,to feel happy when they are sad and meeting other needs for them in times when the spouse is unable to.

15.Incase you get a child,he or she will be illegitimate.

It is sometimes a sad story.If you know someone is married, don't date them

16.It is morraly wrong.

A person with good morals and ethics can't date a married person,it is wrong.

17.It will ruin your reputation.

You will be seen as cheap and easy to get.

18.They will always tell you lies of which you will fall into the trap of believing them.

19.He or she will never tell ot show you where they are living especially their house.

You will only be meeting in hotels,lodges and bars only.Just think about this?How will you feel.

20.He or she will never introduce you to his friends as a lover.

You will be introduced either as a maid, watchman,relative or any other names that are not even near to a relationship.It is actually dissapointing.

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