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Things You Should Never Do In Long Distance Relationship

You need to understand that while being in a relationship, long-distance relationships are very different from typical relationships, so you need to understand how to deal with them accordingly.  To give your relationship a fighting chance, here are some things you should never do in a long-distance relationship.  

1. Don't let relationships control your life  

Whether you're in the same city or thousands of miles away, no relationship should consume your waking hour. Spend time doing important things like spending time with your family, cultivating a hobby, or hanging out with friends - basically anything that can help you cope with the fact that you miss your partner in the hundreds. kilometres away.  

2. Don't trust single support We have Snapchat, SMS, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, phone calls, and almost a hundred other ways to contact them if one support fails. If the phone lines are down, you can Facebook; if your internet connection is slow, you can still text or call. Don't get frustrated or paranoid when a mode of communication doesn't work. This doesn't mean that you should let trying to get in touch with them consume your day, or that you should facebook them as soon as you get out of a call with them. Even if you're short on space, a little space can be a good thing.  

3. Don't blame them for wasted time In a relationship you will compromise, it happens. What shouldn't happen, especially in a long-distance relationship, is blaming your ex for these choices. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night just to talk to your partner who is probably coming home from work; it's quite stressful.  However, if you make this sacrifice for them, they probably do it for you as well. Waking up in the middle of the night can lead to sleep loss, which leads to sleeping until you finally fall asleep and waking up late.  Tip: Make these kinds of choices when you don't have much to do the next day, or find a suitable way to compromise.

  4. Don't be out of reach in an argument

 You've heard the old rule of never going to bed angry, which applies a lot here too. However, if you turn off your phones or "darken" after hanging up a conversation, you are leaving your girlfriend/boyfriend with no other way to deal with the problem as soon as it occurs.  It allows a simple discussion to turn into a huge fight, something that never should have been. Find healthier ways to express your anger than to disconnect. 

 5. Don't pretend everything is fine when it's not 

Don't hide your feelings from your partner, especially if you are having a hard time getting out of it. reply by text (they will most likely think you are busy).  While you might not want to worry them, you still need to let them know; it's one of the perks of being in a relationship, having someone to talk to at all times about anything that makes you smile or anything that bothers you. Plus, you don't have to burn yourself to keep someone else warm.  

6. Don't listen to what people say about your relationship

It is very likely that your family and friends, even coworkers, have an opinion about your relationship, don't listen to them. It's your relationship, not them, they don't know your truth so they don't preach it.  Sure, you can tell your best friend anything that bothers you, but don't take his speculations as gospel about your significant other, who is miles away he lives up to it. They don't know these things, and neither do you until you tell your girlfriend/boyfriend.  You will hear things like "Long-distance relationships never work", don't listen to them. If your relationship is going well, make the best of it as you can.  

7. Never take love for one another for granted 

Sometimes when we feel so loved by a significant other who is miles away, and the feeling of lightness sets in. You start to feel that they can never cheat or that you are irreplaceable. If you are in the same neighbourhood it might be true, but you can never tell because you are miles away. 

 Learn to appreciate yourself as much as possible and as often as possible.

Content created and supplied by: Dnesh (via Opera News )

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