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Does True Love Still Exist?

Do people nowadays fall in love because they want to be together or simply of the benefits they get from their partners?

Gone are the days when there was love. Nowadays people just stay together due to the mutual benefits they get from each other. But even so, where should the line of spending on your partner be drawn?

A growing number of youths have pending questions when it comes to love and spending. Just recently a pastor in Tanzania warned young men against spending money on the education of their lovers.

This is due to the numerous heartaches that follow thereafter and rejection from the females. As a man,would you educate the girl you dearly love against all odds?

And as a lady, what would make you reject a man who has been there for you throughout your studies only to get someone else? Is this really is fair to the other gender?

Does spending money on your woman show true love or true love nolonger exists?

As for me true love only exist when both parties have same level of education and equal financial capabilities.

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