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Signs It Isn’t TRUE Love, Even Though They Say, ‘I Love You’

Signs It Isn’t TRUE Love, Even Though They Say, ‘I Love You’

1. Too soon.

If your partner says I love you too soon, it’s a good bet he doesn’t know himself or his feelings, or she wants to be in love more than she wants you specifically. So watch out for early professions of undying affection. 

2. Too much.

When someone says “I love you” too much, that person is putting his or her feelings above yours and is likely to do that throughout the relationship. 

3. Too physical.

If your partner only says I love you when giving or receiving physical affection (or as a precursor to sex) or only attaches love statements to your physical features, you could be in for trouble down the road. 

4. Too compatible.

Unless you’re dating a clone of yourself, each partner should have distinct interests and tastes of his or her own. When everything matches to a tee, it’s called mirroring, and you may be doing it as well as your partner. 

5. Too tight.

I’m not talking about something not fitting properly here. I’m talking about a partner being so consumed with the idea of an “us” that he or she forgets there is a you.

This might sound weird at first but not all that say 'I Love You' really mean it some are just after something so trade well get to know them well before saying it back to them.

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