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7 Things Men Fear in Relationships

Men are a fraid of many things,and some of these fears are very similar to those of women;

1•Lack of experience _Every man wants to br seen as a seducer.Men have the habit of lying about their previous relationships and the actual number of those relationships.They are afraid of the same things as women.

Men always wants to show off boldly in front of girls and to be popular in their eyes,just like girls,and they are afraid that they might do something wrong.

2•Jealousy _Jealous in men maybnot be as pronounced as in women,bit it also violates their pride and self confidence. Men ,no matter how much they believe,always have a dose of doubt.To prevent this, it is best that there is openn communication.

3•Looks_There are no much stereotypes about men,but that does not mean they do not care about thsir physical form or compare them to handsome men in journals.

For example:height,many men wonder if they are tall enough because alot of girls thing that the ideal men should be tall.

4•Money _Money is one of those things that usually cause a sleepless nights for men.Society standards dictate that men are responsible for family safety ,and if they fail ,it usually means they do not succeed as men.

Men see money as an obligation if they want to have a girlfriend. But love, care and attention should be much more important than money.


Why do men not approach women as much ss women want? Because they area fraid of rejection. It is hard for everyone to take that risk and in the end get a no for an answer.

6•The number of partners with whom the girl wad before him_lf tha girl had previously been with a large number of men,that may become complex for him.

This will affect the connection. In order to prevent further worries and fears,at the outset,things should be clarified and clear that the past is just the past.

7•Commitment _All men are subconsciouslya fraid of commitment. It requires them to sacrifice their freedom,compromise and go against their nature.

Men who are a fraid of building long term relationship refuse to realize that marriage has a positive impact on their health,development and productivity.

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