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5 Types of Friends You Should Avoid for You to Succeed

Just like the way fish needs water to survive, we as humans also needs Friends in order to survive in this crazy world. Your friends contributes a lot in either your success or failure depending on the friends that surrounds you. Today let list down types of friends that you should eliminate in your life.

1; Friends who like showoff are not worthy in your life. This people can do anything for showoff. They can betray you easily for their personal benefits. They don't believe in teamwork. All they think about is how they can trend and be the talk of town. These type of friends will not help you fulfill your dreams.

2; If you have ever told your friend about starting any business and he/she didn't show any effort or come up with a new plan, pack and go. We all have this friends who doesn't like investment plans. They don't think about tomorrow. They like partying and Road trips. You will see them holding small harambee in pubs contributing to buy more alcohol but they will never do so to start a business.

3; Jealous friend is like a cancer in your body. This friends will never congratulate you no matter what you do. They will always discourage you to kill your dream. They pretend to be there for you but they are there to kill you. Many marriages and businesses have failed because of this friends. Stay away from them for a better tomorrow.

4; Friends who like telling you about other never ever tell them your secrets. Always remember those who tell you about others will probably tell others about you. Their main aim in life is to know how other people live. They are the best in storytelling and everyday they got breaking news. These people will ruin all your plans.

5; Unsupportive Friends. If your best friend doesn't support you, then he/she is not your best friend. Start a small business and you will be supervised. 90 percent will be nowhere to support you. Never add value to friends who doesn't add any value in your life. Birds of the same feather fly together. Know your real friends today.

"We have a lot to discuss about friends but that will be in the upcoming articles. follow and be the first one to catch up.

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