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Signs someone is secretly jealous of you.

When someone is jealous of you, they dislike everything about you. They simply cannot withstand watching you rise and smile infront of them. Mainly because of the fact that they aren't happy inside, and cannot accept your happiness too.

They compliment you with an insult.

If your friend is jealous of you, they will do whatever they can to act supportive by attacking you with compliments. But pay attention to what they say because it might be coming off the wrong way. For example, you may have gotten a new job and your friend compliments by saying, "That is amazing, but it is unusual for them to hire people with such lack of experience, but congratulations."

They emphasise their achievements.

When having a conversation, jealous people like to make themselves feel superior but emphasising their achievements. This usually happens after you share great news. More often than not, when jealous people achieve something big or small, they will tell the whole world about it. Take note of people who flaunt their milestones excessively because they are the ones who are terribly insecure. They will do everything it takes to make you feel you are not on par with them.

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