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5 Things That Causes Conflict In Relationships You Need To Avoid

What is love between two people if not a desire to age together and be together till death do them part?

So, if they don’t feel the same way about you or don’t care if they saw you leaving then why bother and stay. You must be sure your partner craves you in his/her journey and no one else. That is passion for one another that some people fail to keep in a relationship for too long.

So if you noticed that it’s not there, start asking yourself and partner if it ever was. When your partner respect you, then he/she respect what you do and who you are.

They know your worth and appreciate how valuable you are, it’s not okay to cheat on you. It’s wrong for them to insult you whether in front of people or just between you two. It’s not acceptable. That’s respect being lost right there.

The highest level of happiness is to find someone who really loves you, who loves you for what you are, or more precisely, in spite of what you are. A real lover wouldn’t change you and wouldn’t let you loose yourself also.

Every human being is at risk of being hurt by people always. You ability to get over the hurt is what matters. When you do not let go of hurts done to you, you put you hold yourself back. You cannot continuing looking back and get to your destination successfully. Not every disagreement should turn into a fight. Thoughtfulness when communicating is a key to peaceful communication in marriage.

These are the following causes of marriage conflict for you to learn from.

1. In-laws: These set of people wield powerful influence, when it comes to a marriage. The inputs and advices of these powerful few, if not handled properly, could mar your marriage.

2. Unmet Expectations: Frustration and resentments set in when a partner’s expectation is not met.

3. Habits: Some irritating habits can put off a spouse. It could be a source of arguments and disagreements, especially if the spouse does not make an effort to improve.

4. Money: The lack or abundance of it, immaterial. An effective money management plan should be put to together.

5. Friends: External influence is an easy way for conflicts to arise. Couples should watch how much room they give to third parties.

Just getting married is not an accomplishment. A successful marriage is an accomplishment but just getting married to someone is not. A marriage is worked upon by two people for years. They share joys and sorrows, they share children and they share what they believe in – and all this takes effort and commitment and compromise, and hence, becomes a worthy feat. But, to feel that you are accomplishing something only because you are getting married is fooling yourself.

I think marriage is an achievement worthy of being congratulated only once the couple has faced several ups and downs together over a period of time and are now tying the knot with full conviction of their decision.

Whether it’s a love or an arranged marriage, marriage is not the be-all. It’s only the beginning of a long journey together, and to make it work successfully takes mutual understanding and love — this is the achievement. Not marriage, as such.

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