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Things that Women secretly want you to do, but will never say.

Women secretly want you to do this, but will never say.

You must have been wondering why your woman doesn't tell you something she thinks about you.

As a result, you feel like she doesn't love you, the truth is, she truly Does. The story about her not telling you somethings, is their thing.

Meaning, every girl never says these things to their guys. So don't be mad at her because, it is not her mistake.

Anyway, she will appreciate it most if she would realise that you can do the things she doesn't tell you. She likely takes it as a sign of being romantic.

In that case, you need to put the following in place because she will never tell you to do them. If you are always waiting to hear her tell you, then we bet you might wait longer.

Read this article until the end to get to understand the three things that any woman will want you to do but will never tell you.

If maybe, you have a point that is not well explained, you can put it down in the comments section down below.

Without taking much time, here are the three things that your girl will never tell you to do but if she founds out you have done them or currently doing, she will live to love you.

1. She wants you to take initiatives.

Everyone wishes to be the good guy to his girl to the point of not giving her stress. What you do not know is that, girls are unpredictable, what you think she needs is what she doesn't need.

This means you should never be afraid of doing or telling her something simply because you think that she will be mad at it.

The truth is, the more you avoid doing the thing you fear doing to her, the less and less she becomes interested in you.

Let's say you feel like taking her out on a date, and you fear that she might say no, the truth is, she will adapt to not going to dates with you and with time she will take you for granted.

In that case, as an advice, never back off from doing what you really want to a woman. Do it without caring if she will like you for it or not.

That is how women want you to live with them. In other words, find the guts to always make a move when you need something.

Stop making it wait for a long period of time simply because you are afraid of making someone feel sad.

2. She wants you to make her wait.

It is very easy to find yourself making a woman your first priority, most so if you find her to be so attractive.

In that case, you will never keep her wait when she needs something. You simply feel like she is going to get bored or something.

This is what you need to know, women becomes bored not because you don't give them your attention but because they don't find you attractive.

If a woman doesn't find you attractive, no matter how much attention you give to her, she will still get bored.

Again, it is very weird to be always ready to respond to her text messages immediately. It makes her see you as an idle person.

So the best thing to do is to keep her waiting. If she sends a text message, wait for like fifteen minutes before replying to it.

Again, the more you keep her waiting is the more she misses you and as a result, she will love you even better.

3. She wants you to look smart.

Nobody likes being around someone who doesn't look appealing. You should be able to prove to them that you can take care of yourself.

So, women secretly wants you to take care of your looks. Those beards to be trimmed, the hair to be cut and the clothes to be attractive.

But she will never tell you this. So the best thing to do is to make sure you take care of your looks since looks do matter.

Make sure you kill it all to the point of making other guys jealous. This will not only make you the guy she wants to be with, but it will also help you build enough confidence.

What maybe you didn't know about being confident is that, it is affected by your physical appearance.

If you dress smart, say yes to getting the confidence you require to attack each and every situation you are exposed to.

Those are three main things that women wants you to do, but because of their own reasons, they won't tell you.

We thank God, you have read this, at least you will be a changed person as from today with all the information you are required to have, at your finger tips.

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