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How To Make A Girl Jealous And Make Her Go After You

1. Praise another girl in her presence. Ladies hate it when the person they love or are crushing compliments another lady instead of them. It hurts them a lot and she can do whatever she can to prove that she is better than her. This way you get chance of seeing her.

2. Pretend to ignore her calls and chats but chat with other ladies on social media. This will make her rage with anger if her feelings for you are real. She can even confront you for an explanation and this way you get her attention.

3. Post pictures of you and other girls on your page. She will always check your new posts if she is into you. Her finding pictures with other ladies will make her jealous. This opens up the conversation portal as she must ask you about it directly or indirectly.

4. While she is listening, talk about how you had a lot of fun when she was not around. No lady wants to miss a joyous event only to hear it being said to her. This will make her jealous and pissed off.

5. Laugh at your chats even when they are not funny when she is around. She will always think you are chatting with another lady. This can really piss her off and make her jealous. Women want their men to have fun with them alone and no one else.

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