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Possible Reasons Why Your Relationship Failed

Almost each one of us if not all, have been in a relationship which suddenly came to an end. No one wishes to get in a relationship then call it quit. We all want to be loved. We all wish our love stories to have a happy ending.

Unfortunately, our love story has come to an end at a certain point. Maybe you couldn't take it anymore or your partner decided to leave. Here are some reasons why they might have decided to quit.

You Expected Too Much.

Maybe you entered the relationship with too much expectations. You thought they would support you financially but they weren't able so you got disappointed and decided to leave.


Maybe you and your significant other were far much apart. Long distance relationship works but when you take too long to meet, the love you had for each other starts to fade up slowly.

Lack of Trust.

Perhaps you once cheated on your partner. Even though they forgave you, it is almost impossible to trust them again fully. When there is no trust, the relationship won't work.


Maybe one of you was immature and was too quick to make decisions. Or they wouldn't understand the other person. Immature partners will leave you frustrated trying to prove your point.


Maybe you found out you have so many differences. For example maybe you are an extrovert and you like to party but your partner is an introvert. You will not have fun going out alone leaving your partner at home. Dating someone with the same energy as you is the best idea. Or maybe your partner wants kids but you have never thought of having kids.


People are of different personalities. There are those people who forgive so easily while others won't ever forgive who and they hold grudges like forever. If your partner is the type of doesn't forgive , and you cheat on them, consider it the end of the relationship.

Lack of Commitment.

Maybe you were not committed to the relationship. You were not ready to go an extra mile for the relationship.To prove your seriousness maybe they wanted you to move in with them but you refused. You refusing to move in with them showed them you weren't serious hence they decided to look for a person who's ready.


Maybe you were too proud. You didn't want to own up your mistakes and apologize . " Sorry " looks like a very small word but it is very important.

All the best! I hope the current one doesn't end.

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