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Reasons why most marriages break

Lately there have been several divorce cases in courts to due to unexplained reasons .

People fall in love ,enter into courtship then get married.

What shocks the most is that ,after some months later you see several couples breaking up.

These situation has left many people in question.

Here are some of the reasons ;

1.Personality differences in between couples.

2.Lack of positive interactions

3.Difference in level of income

4.Lack of provisions in the family by both parties.

5.Low overall relationship satisfaction.

6.History of alcohol and drug abuse

7.Childhood history of trauma.

8.Unfaithfulness due to cheating habits

9.Misdirected anger to a partner.

10.Being unsuppportive.

Excessive arguments among families is unhealthy.

This forces couples to work outside home even if they have children .

In several cases one may have had a bad friend that your partner can't stand .

This will cause misunderstanding In between couples leading to a break up.

Communication between couples matters the most .

If their is decreased communication,there will be different mode of understanding between couples.

Trust in the building stone in every relationship .

If their is no trust ,sticking and maintaining the relationship can be really hard task .


•Ensure that there is a strong foundation in your relationship .

•Love ,trust ,time and commitment should be the key factors .

•Without these it would be hard to bring up a family .

•This may also affect the children due to poor upbringing by the parents.


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