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These Will Help If You Are Seriously Considering Suicide

If you are thinking about ways to end your life,you must be feeling completely overwhelmed and hopeless.when someone says he or she is thinking about suicide it can be very may not be sure what to do to help,whether you should take talk of suicide seriously but taking action is always the best choice.remember there are things you can do to manage these thoughts,you can start by reading the tips below and know that there's always someone you can talk to.

1 Postpone decisions of ending your life

When suicidal thoughts are strong,it may feel like you have to act on your thoughts immediately.people who have experienced suicidal thoughts and have been able to avoid acting on them say that they can now see that postponing their decision to die was the best thing they did.its really important to postpone the decision to end your life too and remind yourself that these thoughts will pass.keep a list of other things you can do to distract yourself.this might include watching television,playing sport,going to the movies,ringing for a friend,going for a walk or a run,reading a novel and listening to music.

2 tell someone

Talking to someone you trust can help you see alternative ways of solving or thinking about the feelings that are overwhelming can also help to remind you that people care about you and they wouldn't be better off without can help to realise what's importance to you and clarify reasons for could tell a family member,friend,pastor,teacher, counselor or any person that you feel comfortable with.if they don't believe you or doesn't want to listen,keep trying until you find someone who does.sometimes people don't react well at first because they don't know how to cope.this is not your fault and although it may feel hard,don't give up.if you find it hard to talk about how you are feeling,try writing something down for the other person to read.

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