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Do These Things To Your Girl And She Will Love You Forever

Hello, today let us talk about things that you need to do so as to please your girl .

Here are some of the things that you can do to make her feel safe with you and be yours forever.

Firstly, keep on reminding her how much you love her . This is giving assurance that no matter what happens, you will still be there to love, cherish and treasure her. The more love expressed, the more you build trust in the relationship. Girls are always happy when loved, they give the whole of their hearts and that's how you get to win . Love also requires actions for it to be more effective. Pay visits, check on her through calls and texts and even when things are not okay, assure her that all shall be well.

Secondly, tell her how beautiful she is. Ladies love it when you tell them that they are beautiful. Beauty builds confidence and this makes your girl feel free. Telling your girl she's beautiful is like appreciating her just the way she is and recognizing her as the most beautiful lady in your life. Explain how her nice figure and size, hairstyles and modes of dressing attract you . If your girl is a make up person, then don't criticize her for using it. Not that ladies who use make up do not love their natural beauty, instead it's just a way of making themselves more beautiful and attractive. So always make her happy and build her confidence through praising her beauty.

Thirdly, always appreciate her.  This is motivating your girl for her success, the efforts she puts in the relationship and for everything else that she does. If she's a student and performs well in studies then gift her, if she fails, this does not call for mistreatment. Instead , help her improve her performance. Appreciate your girl even when she cooks tasty meals for you, tell her how sweet the food is, when she helps you clean, appreciate her too. Thus such appreciations make your girl active, motivated and encourages her to work hard to always please you.

Lastly, Engage her in your life plans and goals. Being open about your ambitions involves asking for advice from her concerning your dreams , future projects and investments and family plans. This makes her part and parcel of your life hence building the feeling of belonging. It is through engaging her, that you both become open to each other , share issues together and provide solutions to problems.

Through doing those things, then not only does it keep your girl in relationship, but also builds it strong.

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