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Avoid Bitterness When Faced With Rejection - Benjamin Zulu Advices Couples

Benjamin Zulu advices couples that when someone reject you is like taking something special from you. When you have a fragile ego you interpret is kind of territory. Although when women get rejection are adviced to get over it. However, men feel to get in even is where they challenge as masculinity in their high rank. Men should acknowledge it is wrong to say they should be strong. They have emotions too except they express their emotions differently. They can open up or turn to a trusted professional tell him you feel down you need an advice.

Rejection to any human is very painful and is hard for men can breakup a man. Men may struggle with rejection those with extreme hypersensitivity. Some have poor self regulation emotionally. Dating becomes a struggle after dealing with rejection. Rejection to any human is very painful. Those enable have poor self regulation and frequently loses temper.

You have to baby sit them to bring them back to normal. Others have extreme hypersensitivity to rejection when the thought of it makes them feel painful. Its overwhelming to stand rejection. Men Avoid becoming ossessive want to know everything that matters about you. Some can get into your phone and handbag a healthy person you can not feel investigating you. Love needs happiness and freedom with your friends.

Men don't minimize your influence to your wife over finances. You can get annoyed with your wife at home. And go out there with money to buy intimacy thinking you can buy the same. You can not get the same acceptance, validation or being loved. The most that you can make replaceable in a woman's life is love. Girlfriends attract you because you can see them in a short window of time.

On a general scale, when men lose financial power is very stabilizing. There is a solution be there for them to feel supported and loved. Men if you are loyal and genuinely love your wives make them feel good. Ladies will excuse many other things if there is unity. They can give you money to pay bills to cover your image outside there and you can manage even her account. Even if she earns millions of money can not bought ream emotions. It is men who persue ladies so men should start loving them to earn respect back.

Rejection to any human beings is very painful but not all men struggle with it. Those who are unable to cope with rejection. Have hypersensitivity to rejection and poor self regulation. You have to baby sit them to bring them back to normal. Being overwhelmed emotionally believes men should be strong. Men should not be emotionally but be in control. Men of this kind should do drastic in case of rejection. Men have emotions except they express them differently. Men is not a rejection after ladies give birth there is a fractuction in women drive. Ladies take time to normalize discuss between two of you.

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