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Reason Why He Wants You Back

Do you think it is normal for a guy to come back to you after breaking up? Not at all.

Below are the reasons as to why he wants you back

1) He wants the attention you Used to give him.

Attention is funder mental in any relationship and for this reason, if he doesn't have any attention in the relationship the he is in, he will try to win you back again.

2) The grass is not too much green outside there.

He left you because he wanted to taste the waters outside but the relationships he is entering are not as pleasing as it was with you. He may not have that peace of mind as he was with you and wants it back again.

3) You are his potential wife.

He wants you back because he is seeing a future together with you.

4) He saw you with another guy.

Maybe you were passing with your new guy and you came across with him. He will text you the same evening because he is jealous and wants you back.

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