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Dear Ladies, Avoid Men With The Following Habits While Dating


Ladies, once you make up your mind and decide that you want to enter into the dating pool, you need to be careful in the type of man that you will finally decide to give him your attention. The law of attraction works better in a manner that you attract who you are and although you will have many options of men who are interested in you, you need to check his qualities before proceeding any further because if you settle down for any man, you won't find happiness in your relationship.


Lets look at the kind of men that you should always avoid.

1.Avoid men who always make excuses every now and then for any mistake they do. This shows that they are not serious with you.

2.Avoid men full of lies and are ready to use their own trick to win their argument against you. Liars are likely to cause more disaster.

3.Avoid men who like boasting for what they have and sometimes boasting of something that they believe they will get within time.

4.Avoid men who are always consuming different types of drugs like alcohol, Khat and many more. They are likely to cause fights and have high demands when they are under the influence of the drug.


5.Avoid men who are always talking in bad languages like vulgar communications while the discussion is serious. They are likely to spoil your day with unnecessary verbal abuses and in the end they laugh likes it's normal but leaving you hurt deep inside.

6.The guy who is a player and likes to be in the company of other girls while you are not around is a no go zone. Such a guy might end up cheating on you even with your best friend.


7.Avoid someone who does not give you time to express your views and opinions. The guy who always thinks that he is right even if he is wrong and the one who wants to win every argument without weighing your point of view.

8.Avoid the one who always concentrates on himself and does not give you more attention. The one who does not even call you after a week and is not bothered how you have been and is not ready to take you for an adventure outing even if he has more money.


To sum up everything, what I can just say is don't rush to relationships. Take your take and look for the qualities of the person you want. The golden principle when looking for love is to find someone who makes you happy and you will never regret. That's a bonus for life.

Content created and supplied by: AgnetaMaureen (via Opera News )


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