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Husband and wife relationship

Why many marriages don't last.

   It is a dream of every man or woman to settle in a cool, lovely and peaceful marriage. But it turns out to be bitter reality. Many enter into a marriage institution with different expectations. There are several reasons why marriage fails to work for some couples.

     When you look at our society, there are many single families especially single mothers. Have ever asked yourself the reason behind that? Many female prominent people in our society are single mums, why? I did my research and got the answer to this question. Many ladies enter into marriages before they even realize their talents, dreams, careers, abilities, interests and strength. By the time they come to realization of their dreams in life, they are left with only two options: to continue with marriage or quit and follow their dreams. And when they choose to explore and develop themselves career-wise, on the other hand they lose their marriage. This is because their time allocation to take care of their husbands and kids will reduce.

    You may find that one of the couple is too young while the other one is very mature. Therefore you find that these are two different minds reasoning differently. The younger one tends to be mostly swayed by the prevailing worldly treasure because of the age, hence loosing the main objective that brought them together as a couple. He or she maybe so outgoing: clubbing and chilling out with friends. The other partner may not be willing to condone the behavior thereby it will force him or her to quit. For sure people of different minds can never go the same way.

    Financial challenges have led collapse of many marriages. One marries and then unfortunately he or she is loses employment. This brings blame game. As for many ladies when they see that their men have lost their jobs, they look for other men who are stable financially. They tend to forget that money is something that you can have and lose it at the same time.

    Another major issue is our strong culture and traditions. In many communities you will find that they don’t intermarry with others. So if one the couple is from different geographical area this poses a big challenge for the marriage to continue. Because the families will dictate the couple’s decision. You find someone is not accepted and incorporated into the family.

    Lack of understanding each other in many marriages causes a lot of break-ups. We are born with individual differences of which we are supposed to understand each other’s weaknesses.

    Unfaithfulness is breaking many marriages in our society. You find in a marriage someone engaging in a relationship out of marriage. And in the long run the other partner discovers the secret. This sweeps away all the trust and love that the couple had bestowed on each other. Entering into a marriage means that you purpose to be faithful, reliable, loving and caring to each other.

    Marriage is meant for two people, if the third person comes in, that is the beginning of wrangles. Some are due to peer pressure. Now because someone wants to fit in a particular group set up, he or she ends up causing fracases that eventually kills his or her marriage. Married people should learn to keep off some friends whom may seem to divert the love for their marriage.

    Impotence and barrenness is another challenge to many couples. You get a good couple who are living a happy life, break up because of lack of the fruit of the womb.

    Many couples have ended up in tears because of family preferences. In our African society, male children are regarded more superior than their female counterparts. This is because they are believed to inherit the family property and wealth. So due to persistent push by the their families demanding male children, a man leaves his wife and opts for an alternative marriage or is given another wife by his family to bear him male children.

    Love is blind and if it could travel and lead not everyone would survive because swimming is not everyone’s hobby. 

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