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Husband and wife relationship

Married On Paper Or Behind Closed Doors? Amira Responds Why She Has Never Left Husband Jamal

Many people have been questioning the wife to Jamal Rohisafi that is Amira the first wife, why she chose to stay with Jamal despite everything she has put her through including the humiliation. People have been unable to understand why she can't leave.

Amber Ray a.k.a nyumba ndogo took her Instagram story and wrote: It's okay to say if something isn't working for you. If your partner isn't making you happy anymore-say it. If you're constantly finding yourself staying silent to appease your partner's feelings-stop. If you're always making excuses for their shitty behavior-enough. Pay attention to what you're feeling. You know it in your gut when a relationship is over. There's nothing wrong in starting over or letting go of someone you're no longer in love with. And you'll only feel at peace with yourself when you get rid of everything that's weighing you down.

When people saw the post, they started insinuating perhaps things are not okay. Amira on the other hand answered a fan regarding her relationship with Jamal. Here was her reply.

Maybe what she meant was that she is married on paper but broken physically. What are your thoughts on her answer? Let us know what Here are some responses to her fans.

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