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Husband and wife relationship

Dear men: How to make your wife feel special

1) Learn to say sorry

) You may have an argument with your wife and the next thing is that you will see her putting her bags outside the house, it doesn't mean she is asking for a divorce, she is just being childish, she simply wants you to hold her, look her in the eyes and say "I am sorry for the argument"

There is healing power in the word sorry and never say sorry just because you want to cool her down, let it come from deep dow your heart

2) Don't wear stone face all trough

Example when your wife steps on your feet intentionally or mistakenly, don't let your eyes turn red, just smile at her romantically, if she did it intentionally, she is just playing with you, if she did it mistakenly, its not her fault. So why shout at her over every small mistake?

3) Don't be petty be lively and always entertaining

As a man learn to ignore some things, don't be petty. Some men are feminist; Play "hide and seek" with your wife, sing poems for your wife and your children in the garden or inside the house, even if she is teasing you.

4) Be a helper

As a man you should assist your wife in the house chores, Prepare her delicacy, fetch water, don't make her look like your maid. Bathe together, wake her up for prayers, swim with her if it's available, cook together, teach her how to cook if she doesn't know how to cook. Cooking is not the ticket to Paradise. It's not only a feminine duty.

All these are part of being romantic. When a woman tells you that you are not romantic. It means you are not doing some of these four basic things its not the romance in the bedroom she is talking about.

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