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Signs Of a Cheating Woman You Need To Know of

Women are precious and when mishandled can easily walk out of the relationship before you even realize it . According to various love coaches and psychologist like Jonathan Bennett and Dr. Philip , they explain several psychological reasons as to why a woman can walk away. These are the signs that show your woman is nolonger in the relationship.

1. She does not make time for you anymore

When in your relationship you could spend even 3 hours storying band watching together as couples change know that things are not as before and maybe your woman is seeing someone somewhere and that is the time she will pretend to be held up .

2. She pays a lot of attention to her phone

When the woman who was always giving you the attention and concentration at all times of need turn to her phone throughout , it means someone is making her much happier than you. That is the time she might be taking pictures to post and even spend a lot of time in her social media then this woman is nolonger yours.

3. She seems distracted

When your woman nolonger maintain the eye contacts you once had , again where you repeat conversation whereby she pretends not to have heard what you just said and does not stay in conversation with you again then it is a clear indication that the love is gone.

4. She does not invited you out with her friends

When she nolonger want to walk with you while visiting her friends , instead she tells you she was held up then things are going wrong. That is the time she will also tell you that she is not sure of when to come back them she comes late in the night . These show that things are not as they should be.

5. She has started to talk about the future in a different way

Best couples plan their future and things together but when you see her concentrating on herself where she has excluded 'we' and now she only talks about herself then she is nolonger with you. She will instead be focused on herself and not you.

6. She is not interested in sex anymore

When you notice that your woman who used to enjoy sex with you nolonger has the passion for it then it means either she is getting it out there and you are nolonger the only one to provide it. This is a show that she nolonger with you.

7. She is dressing differently

When you woman who loved wearing long dresses while going out begins to wear tight skirts and stretchers while going out then it means she must be meeting another person very dear to her and not you.

8. She is too busy for you

When she nolonger create anytime for you by claiming that she is busy then it means does not have you anymore and the love might be gone especially when you used to spend time together.

9. She won't accept your marriage proposal

When she turns your proposal then let her go because she is nolonger with you in mind and she might be with another person out there.

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