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Reasons Why Every Woman Keep Rejecting You

Here are reasons why every woman keep rejecting you.

1.You are not respecting her.When she is talking, you do not wait her to finish talking.You interrupt her while she is making a suggestion and you comment severally before she has finished talking.

2.You are interested only in sex and not loving her.You are asking her to engage in sex with you but not interested in loving her.That is why every woman keep rejecting you.

3.You are having a bad smell.You have poor personal hygiene.You are not brushing your teeth daily or bathing daily.Women usually reject men with poor hygiene.

4.You are not dressed well.You are approaching her while you are not dressed well.She wants you to dress well to impress her.

5 .You are not hardworking.You are lazy man and you can not provide her with basic needs needed to cater for her.

6.You are not faithful to her.You are making relationship with other many women.You are not satisfied with only one woman and that one of the reason why every woman keep rejecting you.

7.You are mean to her.You are not ready to help her financially to do her important things that can help both of you.

8.You are not trusting her for what she is doing.You keep following her what she is doing to see whether it is right or wrong.

9.You are having a childish behavior.You behave like a child and you does not respect yourself.

10.You are not making her to laugh and smile.You are always angry when speaking to her and you does not make her smile or laugh.

11.You are not approaching her in good manner as she requires.You are not requesting her to laugh you.You are commanding her to love you.

12.You are not maintaining eye contact when you are talking to her.You are looking aside while she is talking.

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