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Do's and Don'ts during the first date especially for ladies

First impression matters alot during the first date. Just like in an interview, first impresion talks much about who you are, but this doesn't mean that you have to be somebody else. Just be disciplined and get to learn a thing about the other party.

Its a date and not an interview , if he tells you to order a drink or food don't tell him that you will eat what he is going to eat too. Be the real you

Don't concentrate too much on your phone as if he is not around. Also the habit of eating only a small portion of food on the first date annoys most men. Remember he has used his hard earned money to buy that food.

Also do not be too holy. This means that you should not shove away your hand when he tries to touch it. Still don't allow him to have any intimacy with you on the first date. By all means avoid alcoholic drinks and if you have to, take just a little of it

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