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When A Woman Likes You, She Will Show You These 5 Signs

Most ladies express their interest in a man via their body language. A lady might not say anything, but her body language will tell you that she is interested in you. Below are 5 signs that shows a lady is interested in you.

1. Extended Eye Contact

One of the most common body language is eye contact. Eye contact expresses emotions such as anger, worry, enchantment, etc. When a woman loves you, she always makes eye contact with you and doesn't look away when her eyes meets yours.

2. She Breaks The Touch Barrier

Physical contact is one of the ways of knowing if a person is interested in you. If a lady really likes you, she will break the touch barrier. Small touches such as a punch on the shoulder, a hug, etc. are ways of breaking the touch barrier.

3. She Tells You Her Secrets.

Does she tell you about her odd hobbies? Does she tell you her deep secrets? It simply means that she loves and trusts you.

4. She Spends Time With You.

A lady who is into you will not be conscious of time when she is with you. The both of you won't even know when how quickly time has passed.

5. She Is Always Happy When You Ask Her To Hang Out With You.

Observe her reaction whenever you ask her to hang out with you. If she is always excited, it simply means that she is into you.

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