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Some of telltale signals that the guy isn't interested in you anymore

The sinking feeling in your gut is the most clear clue that a guy is no longer interested w. It's the most accurate indicator you've got. Learn to put your faith in it.

The rest of your thoughts and sensations are simply confirming or contradicting that embodied truth from within you.

Decide if you want to ignore or act on your gut feelings about him. What you're feeling is genuine and accurate. It may not always be exact, but it is a true reflection of your inner reality. It must be respected.

If you've decided to pursue the relationship (despite your internal signals), you'll need to "act" more directly and freely. Put on your "predator" hat and be more seductive and provocative. Make a case for having your desire with him using all of your tools, including your intellect, emotion, and sex appeal.

If you decide not to pursue the connection (based on your internal signals), thank your gut instincts for leading you in the right direction, analyze what your body was telling you, let go, and move on.

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