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Signs which shows you that your partner is about to dump you

Well, in relationship there is what brings people together and it is love. Nothing is better in relationship than when there is love and trust. However, as relationship grows old love then to fades in most cases or changes from how it was in the beginning .

Here are signs which shows you that the relationship between you and your partner is not in good terms and he or she could be planning to damp you :

1. He or she is online but not texting you.

This is one of the signs that he/she have no time for you. She could be busy chatting with another guy who is about to turn her love to. When you see these characteristics in your lover, just know that things are not the way it was and therefore you should get ready for anything.

2. Most of the time when you calls , he or she don't pick.

It's another way of telling you that you are not part of me. He/she might not pick completely or pick after sometimes and tries to give you excuses like I had left the phone in my room or in charging. Several times repeating the same is a clear indication to you that he/she is about to abstain from you.

3. He or she is brief when talking or chatting with you.

You will see these when you try saying hae to her and she just reply "hae too" and keep quiet instead of asking you how you are as well. Actually, he or she answers your questions and not asking you anything. This is an indication that you are forcing yourself to him or her. Stop forcing issues and just know it's for change.

4. he/she pretends to be busy everytime.

Everytime you make a call, he or she receives and tells you that am busy now preferably late in the evening call or chatt. When that time comes he or she replies less than five of your messages and tells am too tired and dizzy, tomorrow is a day. So she just keeps postponing your conversation with her.

5. He or she don't talks with you the way you used to talk you two at the earliest stages of your relationship.

The way you talk now is not you talk the firs time you met. Sweet words like baby, sweetheart, honey and darling becomes rare to be used . Such words might have been given to someone else who is not you.

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