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If Someone Replies Your Chat Message With Word "lol", This is What he or she Means

The word Lol has become so common mostly when chatting. Some people still don't understand the real meaning of this word. Other still use it but still without the considering the real meaning. This word has several meanings depending on the field it is used. The first meaning is that is an acronym of laughing with a loud voice. Grammatical it can be used as a interjection and a verb.Lol should not be used in formal communication although it is grammatically correct. You can use in in sentences like;

1.That was so funny! Lol!

2.I lol everytime i listen to Chris songs.

Secondly, Lol mostly indicate amusement. That time you are having a funny talk with with you friends and you are so happy, that the time you can use it. Most people use it has an appreciation when chatting to express laughter. This word doesn't really have any sexual content in it since it just an amusement abbreviation.

The word may have a bad meaning if you use it anywhere in an exam or even job application letter. It does not fit in any formal talk in any way. The word may be used jokingly or to shoe joy. May be someone who is just close to as a friend surprised you or told you amazing thing.

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