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Avoid Splitting Bills Down The Middle In Marriage - Benjamin Zulu Advices

Benjamin Zulu advices men that so many marriages have broken up becouse of split bills.When you splitt bills down the middle with your wife.You have split authority and you lose control.

If you want your marriage to work home to be harmony.Money has permeated how spouses view love and marriage so much.Putting their lives on line to secure money.Becouse she is paying equal as you pay will not treat you any special.The problem is mistrust they argue about finances becouse they don't trust each other.Those spouses frastrusted that marriage never works.It is because they are confusing their own versions and the world's versions.That has been infiltrated by the love of money and lack of trust.You must not put finances a head of genuineness in the relationship.The man is the leader and incharge of the marriage if not things fall a part.And the woman is the supporter carrying children through life.Might suppress you but forget whether she is earning zero or a million.Be prepared to take your responsibility as longer as you are healthy.Avoid burdening your wife with all responsibilities she will fall in love behind you. Marriage is a commitment.

While dating most of the spouses are adviced to talk about finances.She can give money quietly you can continue handling the challenges.Delegate duties but not authority to the security of the family.

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