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Advantages Of Not Sleeping With Undergarments At Night

Undergarments are clothes that we wear next to the skin underneath our outer clothing's. Although sleeping without them might not sound right to some people,it have many benefits which may include:

> It helps create space for breathing

We spend the whole day with our clothes on and this might have hindered good air circulation in our private areas. Therefore it is good and advisable for us to sleep without the undergarments at night to give our bodies time to breath.

> Prevents contracting of infections

Sleeping with your nether region covered in satiny,could lead to trapping of moisture and hence causes bacteria to build up there very rapidly. This makes you to be more prone to urinary infections or yeast infections.

>Prevents irritation

Most of undergarments are made of fabrics and during the day there is a lot of rubbing against your genital region,therefore you should not inflict this to yourself by wearing them again at night.

> Help boost you intercourse

Sleeping without the undergarments will help improve your relationship with your partner. This is because you will both have a chance to feel each other when in contact.

> Gives you time away from harsh chemicals.

After washing your clothes there are some chemicals that settle in them. They can be from detergents or fabric softeners. Not wearing undergarments at night greatly help protect your private region from dangers associated with those chemicals.

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