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The Real Ghosts Of Breakup

Breakups in relationships is one of the most painful experience in life, especially when you love someone with whole your heart. There are many negative effects which may result from breaking up with your lover. See the following 6 ghosts that might hunt you after breakup.

1. Stress

This is common feelings Which might me immediate after breaking up with your lover. If you really loved him/her, stress will be natural and you cannot control. Allow it to happen without attaching any judgement to it.

2. Depression

If stress in not addressed as early as it happens, it will lead to depression. It is not easy to handle breakups when you were not aware of what was to happen. Maybe the one who initiated the breaking may not be affected so much. Depression is real after breakup.

3. Loss of appetite

Losing appetite is another common effect which strikes in naturally. This will notify your close friends and relatives that something is not going well with you.

4. You will growth weak and thin

Eating well gives you energy to sustain your body functioning and maintain your body weight. Due to loss of appetite, you will become weak and thin over the first few week. It will take time before healing and recovering.

5. Low self-esteem

You will start to feel you are not worthy at all. This is because you will think that you are not perfect in relationship and you are worthless. This is a pure lowering your self-esteem. It comes as a result of rejection. This might affect you untill you are in another relationship. That is when you can start forgetting and starting a new life.

6. Loneliness

It is true that you will be lonely. Your lover was your great friend ever, because you can do anything with him or her without feeling afraid. Even when you are with friends or family members, you will still feel lonely deep down your heart.

7. One day, will seem years for you

You will never experience the real time within you. Time will seem to move slowly than before. Even one day will look like months if not years.

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